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About us

A taste to remember, and yes, we do remember the taste of truffles ever since we were small kids. We grew up in the family of truffle hunters and we used to follow our parents to Motovun Forest to learn everything that is to be known about truffles, dogs and the very forest that gives us this precious gift, TRUFFLES. We cherish our tradition but also constantly work on improvements and apply this knowledge and experience in our family food business – Miro Tartufi Ltd. We organize truffle hunting, we source and sell truffles and we believe we create the truffle products of the finest quality.

Because everything to do with truffles presents our family heritage, truffles and truffle hunting have very naturally become a way of our life. For this reason it is easy for us to run our business with lot of love. But because it takes two to tango, we appreciate the fact that often ones you have tasted them, you fall and stay in love with them forever, thus we cater this heavenly ingredient to those whom cannot live without it.

Our estate is located in the northern part of central Istria, at the foot of the hill upon which is perched the medieval town of Motovun. Miro Tartufi delicatessen is situated in the very heart of the old town of Motovun , majestically overlooking the beautiful Mirna river valley and its surroundings. Visit us and enjoy the view of the timeless beauty that will leave you breathless in every season. In Miro Tartufi delicatessen you can purchase our prime truffles and truffle products.

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