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Organised Search for Truffles

Discover Motovun Truffle – organized trip to a forest near Motovun on a truffle hunt / a guided walk

Find truffles in forests surrounding the foot of the medieval town of Motovun, overlooking Mirna river valley. You shall walk off into this exciting adventure in a company of our licensed guide and our two hunting dogs, Bela and Nera, whom are real masters in finding truffles.

You shall discover everything that is to be known about truffles and truffle hunting and finally have an opportunity to savor what we prepare on our estate, with delicious Miro Truffle products.

In our delicatessen you can purchase fine Miro Truffle products that will bring memories of this beautiful experience and from where you can take away with you A Taste to Remember!


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Motovun Forest

Motovun Forest has been for more than two thousand years recognized as a natural phenomenon of the Istrian peninsula and this part of Croatia. This area is a site of ancient deciduous tree forest that spreads along Mirna and Butoniga rivers valley.

This forest is a natural habitat of the oak variety Quercus robur and today presents the largest single site of white truffle.

Lov na tartufe
Lov na tartufe
Lov na tartufe


Active Rest

If you would like to live the nature to its fullest, Motovun and its surroundings shall not disappoint you. We can organize for you out doors activities and excitement all year around, from spring time wild asparagus picking to late autumn truffle hunting or olive picking. We, your hosts will take you to wine yards or olive groves, whatever strikes your fancy, to discover the beauty of our countryside or direct you to hiking or biking trails to explore the hidden gems on your own.

Raspberry Picking

Wild Asparagus Picking

Grape Picking

Truffle Products

Hiking on marked trails

Parenzana Bike Trail